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Install Windows 7 Using Pen Drive

Once you create a pen drive, you can use it to install Windows 7 on any PC.

1. Insert the pen drive into the computer you want to install Windows 7 on. You can use the pen drive you created to install Windows 7 on any PC, but each installation will require its own product key. You will only be able to install the same version (Home, Professional, Ultimate) that you created your ISO for.

2. Reboot the computer and press the SETUP, BIOS, or BOOT key. This key varies by manufacturer, and needs to be pressed when the computer is first booting. This will allow you to change the boot order for your devices so that your computer boots from your pen drive instead of the hard drive. The correct key will be displayed on the same screen as the manufacturer logo when you first boot up the computer. Repeatedly press the key until the menu opens.

3. Open the BOOT menu. If you entered the BOOT menu directly, skip to the next step. Otherwise, use your arrow keys in the BIOS menu to open the BOOT section.

4. Set your pen drive as the primary boot device. Rearrange the boot order so that your pen drive comes first. This will ensure that your computer boots from the pen drive before booting from any other drive.

5. Save your changes and reboot your computer. You will be prompted to press a key to start Windows Setup.

6. Start the Windows Setup process. You'll be asked to select your language and region options. Once you've selected these, click "Install now" to begin the installation.

7. Select the "Custom Installation" when prompted. This will allow you to format the drive and install a fresh copy of Windows 7. This will delete all of the data on the partition that you choose to install Windows on.

8. Choose the partition that you want to install Windows on. Everything on this selected partition will be deleted during the installation. You can delete additional partitions that you don't use anymore and combine their free space by clicking the "Drive options" link. Select the partition you want to delete to turn it into unallocated space.

9. Wait while Windows installs. This will take around 20-30 minutes, and you won't be prompted to do anything until it's finished.

10. Create your user account. You'll be asked to create a user account and give the computer a name. Create your user account to proceed.

11. Enter your product key. You'll be prompted to enter your product key so that Windows can be activated. You'll have up to 30 days to do this, but it's recommended that you enter the product key now.

12. Select "Use recommended settings" for Windows Update. This will ensure that you always have the latest updates available.

13. Set your date and time. You'll be prompted to set the current time and date. Many computers will have this automatically correct thanks to the BIOS.

14. Choose your network type. This will affect how your computer appears on the network and what other devices can access. Make sure to select "Public network" if you aren't at home or work to help protect your computer.

15. Wait for setup to complete. Windows will begin preparing your desktop, which may take a few minutes. Once this is complete, you can begin using Windows 7.

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